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about our community

Zen Wise Writers

Founders, Donna Maccherone and Joanne Muir, believe that stories reside in everyone, and those who want to be heard deserve inspirational space, a group of listeners and the gift of time to tell their tales.

Donna and Joanne have established writing retreats and workshops that allow participants both the freedom and the guidance to bring to fruition ideas that become poems, stories, essays, memoirs, and songs.

Zen Wise Writers is a growing community of writers and thinkers who like to stretch their bodies, minds and hearts. 

what we offer

Workshops & Retreats

Whether your words lie fallow in your heart and mind or have found their way to publication, you will find pleasure and purpose in a Zen Wise Writing retreat or workshop. You will have hours, and perhaps days, free from distractions to let your imagination range.

Zen Wise Writers offers single-day and multi-day retreats and workshops that bring people together for yoga, breathwork, movement for all body types, evocative and engaging writing prompts, time and space to write in the inspired moment, meals for sharing ideas and laughter, storytelling options, and poetry readings.

Whether on a retreat or at a workshop, you have an immediate listening audience in an intimate gathering. If you choose not to share your work at any given time, you are welcome to listen and absorb the creative energy of the group.

Our retreats and workshops are open to adults 18 years old and up.

Donna & Joanne

Meet Our Founders

Journey with Us: we invite you to take part in our soul-fulfilling workshops or retreats today!